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Did you know statistics show that less than 10% of the population end up financially free.

Here's your chance to help flood victims and learn the secrets of what that 10% do differently!

From: David Wright

David Wright

You know, with the work that I do I see so many people heading in the wrong direction with money and it scares me to death when I think about how difficult it is going to be for these people to live the lifestyle they have become accustomed to in the years ahead!

Many of them are counting on their Superannuation as the answer without realising this will fall far short of what they desire.

Thousands of people are heading in the wrong direction financially and most of them aren’t really so sure that they will ever get to enjoy the lifestyle they dream of. The really agonizing truth about this is that none of them really know what to do about their situation and they are rapidly losing hope for their financial future!

Income is barely keeping up with inflation and costs just keep going up relentlessly. It is a real battle to survive let alone have some surplus!

So let me ask you this; are your finances ‘on track’ or are you going to end up living a compromise in the future? Will you be living your ideal lifestyle funded by income from smart investments you made earlier in your life or will you still be working, struggling on a measly income wishing you had done things differently when you had the chance?

Do you know the answer to these questions or are you just hoping it might be all OK? Do you have your fingers crossed?

The fact is that everyone wants to know they will have a secure and prosperous future, but so many people have little or no chance of achieving it based on their current performance.

The frightening truth is that many people will spend their final years on this planet living a second rate lifestyle because they failed to make some really simple choices earlier in their lives that would have given them a totally different outcome. 

If you are hungry to change your financial direction and don’t want to be one of the sorry statistics, here is an awesome opportunity to do something positive about it!

I have three questions for you…

Why do some people live with poverty?
Answer:- Because they know how! 

Why do some people live with wealth?
Answer:- Because they know how!

What is the hardest thing for anyone to do?
Answer:- Change!

Think about it for one moment and you know it’s true. Changing is one of the hardest things to do in life!

We all know how to live our present life and it’s easy to continue doing it. It may not be fun or easy to cope with, but it is easy to continue doing it….even when we know it is taking us nowhere. The hardest thing to do is to change it.

I'm sure you know this already. Most people I talk to tell me the same story and I recognise it immediately because I have experienced it first hand myself. We all have trouble changing!

The Missing Link

Fortunately I eventually discovered the "missing link" and it turned out to be quite simple - whilst knowledge is vital, it is only part of the solution. The missing link is that you must take action and do something different.

You can read a book about driving a car for as long as you like, but unless you get into the car and practice driving it you will never be able to drive.

So if it's that simple, why don't people do what they need to do?

Well, here is the key.

It's all about HABITS.

Think for a moment about how many things you have already done today that you do not remember making the decision to do! Did you get out of bed? Did you get dressed? Did you have breakfast? Did you clean your teeth? Did you brush or comb your hair? Did you go to work? Then it's official, you have habits!

Habits are wonderful things. They keep us from leaving the house in our PJ's with food stuck in our teeth and our hair in a mess two hours after work started. The trouble is that while they protect us in one way, it is highly likely that they also hold us stuck in a rut that is not helping us improve areas of our lives we want to improve.

If you want to have a breakthrough then you will need to break some old habits that have not served you so well and replace them with some new ones.

Of course it would make a lot of sense if you were choosing some new habits to make sure the new ones you chose are the same ones that wealthy people have. It would stand to reason that if you do what wealthy people do then you have a much better chance of being wealthy too.

Doing Something Different

I'm sure you've heard the saying "If you keep doing what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten". If your not happy with where you are headed then you need to do something different and soon!

Of course if you don't know what to do differently you could be excused for thinking that the something different you need to do is scary and huge! You  know; the sort of thing you might stress about for weeks until you either finally get the courage up to swallow hard, close your eyes and jump in boots and all or if you turned chicken after thinking about it for weeks then just doing nothing (again!). The sorts of things you might be thinking about might include changing careers or selling your home or borrowing up to your eyeballs to buy shares or a rental property; all big decisions.

However, I'm sure you know someone who has made a big change like that and it has brought them more financial grief than success. This probably left you thinking that if it is all so hard to get it right then maybe you don't want to change after all.

The fact is though that it is not one or two huge changes like the ones mentioned above that will get you on the path to wealth. It's the opposite of what you would have thought. "Doing something different" actually means doing lots of little things differently every day. It's not about doing one or two big things. You just need to start changing small money habits and establishing new small ones.

Doing something different with money every day

You need to develop new beliefs and mindsets about money, about your ability to make money, and about your own value.

When you make lots of the right small changes the result will be that you will be changed and your outcomes will be different. You will be able to attract wealth where previously it seemed it was never going to happen.

The good news is that if you have the willingness to learn the process to change small habits on a daily basis you too can change your financial life. Once your habits are changed and new habits are installed, you cannot fail to achieve your financial goals.

So How Do You Change Your Habits?

Changing habits is a process. Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to change habits overnight, and certainly not in a week-end seminar. It takes time and focus to change your habits and since that is where the key to wealth lies, it is where I  focus my energy to help people who want to change direction.

I have taken an opportunity to team up with a very talented and successful business friend who I have known and respected for a number of years. Her name is Lynn Pearce and she also has a passion for helping people change financial direction.  Over a number of years Lynn has coached many people to become financially successful. Her journey has been a lot like mine. She found herself struggling financially and so went in search of answers. When she found them, she just felt that what she had discovered was too good to keep to herself.

My area of expertise and hers fit so well together that I am now really excited to be working with her. We've put our years of experience together to create a coaching program that is designed to help you change your habits and give you the knowledge and skills to set and then achieve your financial goals.

The "Simple Wealth Steps" program will take you through the process of building your new wealth creation habits. This is a new and innovative way of teaching what you need to know and HOW TO DO IT.

The program is live and interactive. I will be your wealth coach for the duration of the program. You will be undertaking certain tasks each week and reporting on your progress to me. I will be there to support and guide you as you undertake this journey. I will be monitoring your progress and you will be able to have all your questions answered directly. As the course progresses you will establish habits in dealing with money that will change your life.

And, I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is! I am so sure that you are going to get amazing results from this program that I am willing to guarantee it. I will tell you more about the guarantee in a moment.

This program is unique. It requires a commitment from you to allocate approx 30 minutes a week for one year. During that year you will be coached every week. It takes time to build new habits. Once the habits of the rich become second nature to you, wealth will flow without the difficulty you once expected.

Here's what you can expect from "Simple Wealth Steps":

Six Weeks to achieving the habits of the wealthy

  • I will coach you on all the habits that you need in order to become financially free
  • You will receive weekly lessons by email which are designed to build new habits that will lead you to financial freedom
  • You will be asked to allocate a small amount of time each week to undertake certain tasks and develop your new money habits
  • You will report back to me every week so that your progress can be monitored
  • You will have e-mail access to my professional and personal expertise as I coach you into developing the habits that will lead you to the wealth that you wish to create
  • The program will lead you to establish the wealth habits that will be sustained for the rest of your life
  • From week 2 you will be taking actions that are founded on fundamental wealth principles
  • I will teach you my own proven system for managing money
  • You will have the confidence to know that you can achieve your money goals

That is a huge offer but I have been able to use the efficiency offered by modern technology to deliver all of that without it costing you an arm and a leg!

Normally, having a personal coach every week would cost you a truck load! And if you had to research the information yourself it could take you years to sift through all the available information and develop your own system of wealth habits.

However, you will only pay a fraction of what the course is truly worth. The full price for the total "Simple Wealth Steps" program of personal coaching is only AUD$49 a month. Most people spend more than $49 on their mobile phone plans each month and that just leads them to more poverty!


Why does it only cost this amount? Because I know what it is like to be out of control with your money. I have experienced what you are experiencing and want to help you get out of this situation and I believe I can deliver what I have promised at this price. I have a group of people who have been on this course for almost a full year.

Enrolling in this program will be the cornerstone of a better financial future.

Imagine taking holidays, having spare money in the bank, shopping without feeling guilty and having excitement in your life because you are doing something you want to do that is increasing your wealth.

As part of the program and included in the price you will also receive the following bonuses


Your pack of "wealth creation tools" which includes

  • A logbook for recording your daily expenses
  • Your Wealth Creation Journal


  • A copy of the latest version of Simply Budgets (not transferable if you already have a copy).
  • A download link is sent to you when we do the budgeting module and you are setting up your budget.


  • A copy of "The Richest Man in Babylon " by George S. Clason
  • This is one of the most inspiring books I know on wealth creation and contains key information on building wealth.

As well as your regular coaching plus your three bonuses you will also be subscribed to my newsletter which will keep you up to date with the latest money topics.


Money Back Guarantee

3 Months money back guaranteeI am so confident that you will get tremendous value from this program that, if after the first 3 months you are not satisfied in any way with the material you are getting or you are not happy with the "Simple Wealth Steps" program, or it does not live up to your expectations, simply return the unused materials and I will refund ALL your payments. That's right - no hassles and no quibbles - you get ALL your money back; You can't ask for better than that!


Now is that fair?

This means that you can experience what the “Simple Wealth Steps” program has to offer you, without any personal financial risk, whatsoever. All that is required of you is to make the decision to put aside up to 30 mins a week to work your way through the material sent to you and if after completing the first 3 months you are not happy then just let me know and you will receive a full refund.

You Really Can't Afford Not To Enroll In This Incredible Program

To start the ball rolling all you need to do is enroll by clicking on the link below. I will organise everything. You need to identify when in your week you will commit to doing this course and together we will change you financial outlook forever.
When Do I Get Started?
A 10cent payment will be processed straight away and you will receive acknowledgement of your placing an order within minutes! Over the next week you will receive a number of orientation e-mails to let you know how the program works and what is expected of you and what I promise to deliver. Organisational and commitment issues are addressed and then you are straight into the course. Each 30 days thereafter you will be billed $49 for 11 months.
I will leave it up to you to choose what donation you would like to make to the flood appeal.

If you would like any further information or have any questions at all about the program please contact me directly at [email protected]


If you want to be rich you have to do what rich people do (and don't do what poor people do).

You know the secret. Wealthy people have daily habits that poor people do not have. Once you acquire these wealthy habits you will never have to say "I can't afford it" again.

Join me and I will take you on a journey to learn how you can develop your wealthy mindset and habits  GUARANTEED!




We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, i s not an act, but a habit.  - Aristotic







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